Below is a list of my publications. This includes monographs, book chapters and articles, and is arranged in chronological order. The list can be sorted by other categories (click on the arrows next to each heading), and you can use the search function to filter or locate something specific. 

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YearCategoryPublication TypeTitlePublisherSubjectLink
2022Journalism and InterviewsArticlePlatinum pudding: a history of desserts with royal connectionsThe ConversationQueen Victoria
2022Journalism and InterviewsInterview"How the humble potato has travelled the world and shaped history"SCAS Talks PodcastPotatoes
2022Journalism and InterviewsInterview"Feeding the People"Hungry Books PodcastPotatoes
2021ScholarshipBook Chapter'Potato' in Objects of New World Knowledge: A Cabinet of CuriositiesUniversity of London PressPotatoesLink
2021ScholarshipArticlePotatoes, Population and StatesEarly American Studies 19:2PotatoesLink
2021Journalism and InterviewsArticleWhy Spanish Colonial Officials Feared the Power of ClothingPsycheClothingLink
2021Journalism and InterviewsInterviewFeeding the People: Interview with Daniela Gutierrez FloresNew Books NetworkPotatoes
2020ScholarshipBookFeeding the People: The Politics of the PotatoCambridge University PressPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterviewPotato Politics with Rebecca Earle, interview with Malcolm JolleyGood Food RevolutionPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterviewInterview with Ann & Peter HaighOn The MenuPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterview'How Potatoes Changed the World’: Interview with Laura MahlerEarth IdeasPotatoes
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterview'This Spud’s for You’: Interview with Cynthia Graber and Nicola TwilleyGastropodPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterviewBook Q&A with Deborah KalbDeborah Kalb BooksPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterviewHow Did Potatoes Become Political in Wartime?History HitPotatoes
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterviewHow the Humble Potato Conquered the WorldConstant Wonder, BYU RadioPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsInterview‘The Politics of the Potato': Interview with Dan SnowHistory HitPotatoesLink
2020Journalism and InterviewsArticleHow Potatoes Conquered the WorldBBC History MagazinePotatoes
2019ScholarshipJournal ArticlePotatoes and the Pursuit of HappinessGastronomica 19:1PotatoesLink
2019ScholarshipJournal ArticleThe Political Economy of Nutrition in the Eighteenth CenturyPast & PresentHealth in the Early Modern WorldLink
2019ScholarshipBook ChapterSumptuary Laws in the Early Modern Hispanic World in The Right to Dress: Sumptuary Legislation in Comparative and Global PerspectiveCambridge University PressClothing; The Idea of RaceLink
2019ScholarshipBook ChapterSpaniards, Cannibals, and the Eucharist in the New World in To Feast on Us as Their PreyThe University of Arkansas PressAlcohol; Meaty ThingsLink
2019ScholarshipBookPotato (Object Lessons)Bloomsbury AcademicPotatoesLink
2018ScholarshipJournal ArticlePotatoes and the Hispanic EnlightenmentThe Americas 75:4PotatoesLink
2018ScholarshipJournal ArticlePromoting Potatoes in Eighteenth-Century EuropeEighteenth-Century Studies 51:2PotatoesLink
2018Journalism and InterviewsArticleThe Guinea Pig at the Last SupperThe GuardianMeaty ThingsLink
2018Journalism and InterviewsArticleBanarama BritainThe IndependentBananas
2018Journalism and InterviewsArticleThe Brief History of the BananaThe New EuropeanBananas
2018Journalism and InterviewsArticleThe Day Bananas Made their British DebutThe ConversationBananasLink
2018Journalism and InterviewsArticleBeyond Porridge: Pigeon in a Kettle and Other Prison-Cell CuisineThe ConversationMeaty ThingsLink
2017ScholarshipJournal ArticleFood, Colonialism and the Quantum of HappinessHistory Workshop Journal 84Breadfruit; PotatoesLink
2017ScholarshipBook ChapterClimate, Travel and Colonialism in the Early Modern World in Governing the Environment in the Early Modern WorldRoutledgeTravelLink
2017Journalism and InterviewsArticleHow the Humble Potato Fuelled the Rise of Liberal CapitalismThe ConversationPotatoes Link
2017Journalism and InterviewsInterviewOne Potato More on The Food ChainBBC World ServicePotatoesLink
2017Journalism and InterviewsInterviewPoor Old Potato on The Food ChainBBC World ServicePotatoesLink
2017Journalism and InterviewsArticleQueen Victoria’s AppetitesBBC History MagazineQueen VictoriaLink
2017Journalism and InterviewsArticleValentine’s Day 2017: Why we give chocolates on 14 FebruaryIndependentChocolateLink
2017Journalism and InterviewsArticleQueen Victoria’s AppetitesBBC History Magazine / History ExtraQueen VictoriaLink
2016ScholarshipJournal ArticleThe Pleasures of Taxonomy: Casta Paintings, Classification and ColonialismWilliam & Mary Quarterly 73:3 Casta Paintings; Clothing; The Idea of RaceLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleGiving Thanks for the Sweet PotatoSunday TelegraphSweet Potatoes
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleA Royally British CakeSunday TelegraphQueen Victoria
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleHow the Full English Breakfast Became a National InstitutionThe IndependentBreakfastLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleHow Sausages Made their Way into our Diets and Conquered the WorldThe IndependentMeaty ThingsLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleMaking an Eighteenth-Century Potato PuddingJohn Carter Brown Library BlogsPotatoesLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsJournal ArticleBoil 'Em, Mash 'Em, Stick ‘em in a PuddingJohn Carter Brown Library BlogsPotatoesLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleHow Sausages Conquered the GlobeThe ConversationMeaty ThingsLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleHow to Make Victoria Sponge the Way Queen Victoria Would Have Eaten itThe ConversationQueen VictoriaLink
2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleSweet Potatoes, Donald Trump—and the Special RelationshipThe ConversationSweet Potatoes


2016Journalism and InterviewsArticleThe History of Christmas TurkeysIndependentMeaty ThingsLink
2014ScholarshipBook ChapterIndians and Drunkenness in Spanish America in Cultures of IntoxicationOxford University PressAlcoholLink
2014ScholarshipBook ChapterDiet, Travel and Colonialism in the Early Modern World in Global Goods and the Spanish Empire, 1492-1824Palgrave MacmillanTravelLink
2014Journalism and InterviewsArticleMy Favourite Historical PlacesBBC History Magazine, History ExtraTravelLink
2012ScholarshipBook ChapterThe Columbian Exchange in The Oxford Handbook of Food HistoryOxford University PressChilesLink
2012ScholarshipBookThe Body of the Conquistador: Food, Race and the Colonial Experience in Spanish AmericaCambridge University PressThe Idea of Race; Travel; Health in the Early Modern World Link
2011ScholarshipBook ChapterLa iconografía de la independencia en la Nueva Granada in Cartagena de Indias en la Independencia2011War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2010ScholarshipJournal ArticleIf You Eat Their Food... Diets and Bodies in Early Colonial Spanish AmericaAmerican Historical Review 115:3The Idea of RaceLink
2010ScholarshipEdited VolumeEuropean Cuisine and the Columbian ExchangeFood and History JournalFood WritingLink
2010ScholarshipBook ChapterClothing and Ethnicity in Colonial Spanish America’ in The Fashion History Reader: Global PerspectivesRoutledgeCasta Paintings; ClothingLink
2010ScholarshipBook ChapterThe French Revolutionary Wars in the Spanish-American Imagination, 1789-1830 in War, Empire and Slavery, 1770-1830Palgrave MacmillanWar and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2009Journalism and InterviewsArticleIs it Sinful to Eat an Owl after Communion?I Found it at the JCB, John Carter Brown LibraryMeaty Things; Health in the Early Modern World
2008ScholarshipBookThe Return of the Native: Indians and Myth-Making in Spanish America, 1810–1930Duke University PressNationalism; War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2007ScholarshipBook ChapterNationalism and National Costume in Spanish America in The Politics of Dress in Asia and the AmericasSussex Academic PressClothing; NationalismLink
2005ScholarshipJournal ArticleLetters and Love in Colonial Spanish America The Americas 62:1Letters & PrintingLink
2003ScholarshipBook ChapterLuxury, Clothing and Race in Colonial Spanish America in Luxury in the Eighteenth Century: Debates, Desires and Delectable GoodPalgraveClothingLink
2002ScholarshipJournal ArticlePadres de la Patria and the Ancestral Past: Celebrations of Independence in Nineteenth-Century Spanish AmericaJournal of Latin American StudiesSpanish America
2002ScholarshipBook ChapterThe Role of Print in the Spanish-American Wars of Independence in The Political Power of the WordUniversity of London/Institute of Latin American StudiesLetters & Printing; War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2001ScholarshipJournal ArticleCreole Patriotism and the Myth of the Loyal IndianPast & Present 172War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2001ScholarshipJournal Article'Two Pairs of Pink Satin Shoes!!’: Clothing, Race and Identity in the Americas, 17th-19th CenturiesHistory Workshop Journal 52 Clothing; The Idea of Race; Casta PaintingsLink
2000ScholarshipEdited VolumeRumours of War: Civil Conflict in Nineteenth Century Latin AmericaUniversity of London/Institute of Latin American StudiesWar and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2000ScholarshipBook ChapterRape and the Anxious Republic. Revolutionary Colombia, 1810-1830’, in Hidden Histories of Gender and the State in Latin AmericaDuke University PressWar and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
2000ScholarshipBookSpain and the Independence of ColombiaLiverpool University PressWar and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
1999ScholarshipEdited VolumeEpistolary Selves: Letters and Letter-Writers, 1600-1945AshgateLetters & PrintingLink
1999ScholarshipBook ChapterPopular Participation in the Wars of Independence in New Granada in Rethinking the Independence of Spanish America: Perspectives and ProblemsUniversity of London/Institute of Latin American StudiesWar and Revolution in Spanish America
1997ScholarshipJournal ArticleInformation and Disinformation in Late Colonial New GranadaThe Americas 54:2Letters & PrintingLink
1996ScholarshipJournal ArticleA Grave for Europeans?’: Disease, Death, and the Spanish-American RevolutionsWar in History 3:2War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
1994ScholarshipJournal ArticleThe Spanish Political Crisis of 1820 and the Loss of New GranadaColonial Latin American Historical Review 3:3War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink
1993ScholarshipJournal ArticleIndian Rebellion and Bourbon Reform in New Granada: Riots in Pasto, 1780–1800Hispanic American Historical Review 73:1War and Revolution in Spanish AmericaLink